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Normalized names added to some vitals

Steven Santa Maria · 5 days ago1 changes

This week we added a set of new features that will help you identify common medical properties across our clinical source network:

  • Added normalized name to BMI (vitals endpoint)

For example, a BMI property through our vitals endpoint may come to us from the source as "BODY MASS INDEX", "bmi", o...

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Moves removes access to API

Steven Santa Maria · about a month ago

Moves has recently announced that they will remove access to its API services on July 31. Human API will continue to support Moves and will remove the source accordingly from Connect on July 31. Please see the Moves announcement:

    Upgrading to Striiv's v2 API

    Steven Santa Maria · 4 months ago3 changes

    Human API is upgrading from Striiv’s v1 API to a v2 on April 2, 2018 to lend greater stability to the system and increase the number of data types available. Specifically, the upgrade adds sleep state time series data to Sleeps and daily resting HR values via ...

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    Human API adds LabCorp

    Steven Santa Maria · 5 months ago

    We’ve expanded our clinical data network with the addition of LabCorp, one of the largest clinical laboratory networks in the United States. It joins our existing integrations to Quest Diagnostics and thousands of EMR data sources.

    The data source is now available in Connect for customers who have ...

      Human API Partners with CMS Blue Button

      Steven Santa Maria · 5 months ago

      Human API is partnering with the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to make the new CMS Blue Button 2.0 API available through the Human API data network. This collaboration will enable millions of Medicare patients to connect and authorize the sharing of their longitudinal claims inform...

        New Heart Rate Summaries

        Steven Santa Maria · about a year ago2 changes

        Additionally, we've introduced a new endpoint and data type to the Wellness API called Heart Rate Summaries.

        Heart Rate Summaries reflect daily heart rate metrics and are now available at the endpoint: /v1/heart_rate/summaries. To start, this information will be available for all Fitbit devices t...

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        Garmin - New Data Types & Integration Upgrade

        Steven Santa Maria · about a year ago6 changes

        We recently updated our Garmin integration to utilize the newest version of the Garmin Connect API. In addition to better sync reliability, this new API provides access to more data types from Garmin devices, including weight and sleep measures. Specifically, you can now get data from the following ...

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        Jawbone going out of business

        Steven Santa Maria · about a year ago

        News outlets confirmed yesterday that Jawbone has begun liquidation proceedings. At this point, sources have also mentioned that a new company called Jawbone Health Hub will continue to service existing Jawbone products. Human API will track the news and keep you abreast of changes to the integratio...

          Fitbug discontinued

          Steven Santa Maria · about a year ago2 changes

          Fitbug is unfortunately no longer offering their mobile app and API service. As such, this wellness option will be removed from Human API's Connect menu this week.

          It is expected that end users will no longer receive new Fitbug data. However, existing Fitbug data may still be queried from Human API...

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          New Human API app released on the Apple App Store

          Steven Santa Maria · about a year ago2 changes

          Our team has released a refresh of the Human API app for iPhone! The changes include a fresh coat of paint, bug fixes and easier-to-understand visual cues. Take a look at the App Store for more details.

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          Changes to organization ids

          Steven Santa Maria · about a year ago2 changes

          For those using our Medical API, be advised that we have made changes to organization ids. For example, you may have received a response from our medications endpoint like the following prior to 01/25/17:

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          Planned Security Updates

          Steven Santa Maria · about a year ago

          On Monday, December 12, 2016, we will upgrade our SSL certificate and change the SSL/TLS configuration to make our service more secure. As part of this upgrade, we will disable standard Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange (DHE). Most customers currently integrated with Human API are not required to make cha...

            Refill data added

            Steven Santa Maria · about a year ago2 changes

            One of the key features that makes Human API unique is its Medical API, which allows more and more end-users to connect their health data digitally. As our health network grows, we also look to provide new datatypes for our Medical API customers to take better take advantage of the growing netwo...

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